November 5, 2008

19:01:39          polls closed moments ago

20:00:25          polls closing in 17 states; PY for Obama, IL large victory, Njersey Obama, McCain TN, MD Obama, OH McCain, CT Obama, NH Obama, Maine Obama, Delaware Obama, D.C. Obama, 103-34, GOP strategy has crushed in killer state Pennsylvania

20:03:24          Florida 15% enumerated;

20:04:34          Pennsylvania: red state turned blue (comparison to Bush)

20:30:31          national map: 103 – 34McCain

20:30:53          VA McCain leads (38% enumerated)

20:31:27          SC Dole has lost against Hagan – big loss for the Dole family!

20:33:34          Alabama goes to McCain

20:33:45          103 – 43McCain now

20:45:18          Obama has not yet flipped a state blue! Indiana close (counties)

20:46:19          VA so far everything is going as in 2004

20:53:16          David Axelrod: on splitting the tickets meaningful in Indiana

20:53:56          Tom Delay (House majority leader): NEW HOUSE pred. 261-174GOP chart – looks like Pelosi can rule the house, she will be most important, controls a lot expectedly, important role of the House, it’s gonna be Pelosi the speaker 

21:00:20          new results: Kansas McCAin, NY Obama, Michigan Obama, Minnesota Obama, WN Obama, Rhode Is Obama, ND McCain, WY McCain 

23:03:11          Chicago cheering

23:07:13          New York Party in front of Rockefeller 

23:14:05          CO went to Obama

23:16:15          FL has gone to Obama

23:16:44          John Lewis Congressman Georgia: a day of thanksgiving, a day of celebration, don t know how to express myself, a young african american man is elected president, stron emotional

23:17:45          Jesse Jackson with tears in eyes, crying

 23:18:39          McCain concession speech: called Obama congratulated him, long campaign, respect for Obama’s ability, inspired hopes of so many Americans, this is a historical election – specially for afro-am., US offers opportunities for all

23:24:16          McCain thanks family and friends

23:24:37          333 – 156McCain

23:24:57          McCain thanks Sarah Palin, Palin with tears in eyes

23:29:05          white house: crowd in front of

23:29:26          quoting Bush

23:29:52          60 000 inside Grand Park

23:40:10          Hillary Clinton quote

23:40:39          338 – 156McCain

23:45:04          this is a landslide

3:50:38          Reporter Ron Mott in Kisumu, Kenya celebrations dancin people

23:51:48          Parties: Chicago, New York, Washington

23:58:03          Obama comes on stage with family

23:59:07          Obama starts speech

23:59:49          everything is possible, people who waited for hours

00:01:18          arch of history

00:01:54          McCain called

00:02:48          Thanks Sen. Biden, Thanks Michelle

00:03:34          Jesse Jackson in the crowd

00:04:48          best political campaign in history

00:08:14          YES WE CAN

00:11:12          I will be your President too, to McCain supporters

00:23:10          Obama and Michelle leaving stage

01:05:54           no final numbers Alaska is to close to call

01:08:39          National Holiday declared by President of Kenya

Die Welt wird mit Barack Obama als Präsident mit anderen Augen auf die USA schauen.

03:25:00          ENDE der Wahlnacht: in Washingtons Straßen wird es leer, vor dem Weißen Haus sind nur noch ein paar wenige Obama-Fans. Ich bin gespannt wie sie aus ihrem Traum morgen, am 20. Januar und in einem Jahr aufwachen werden.


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